Class 12

Part of the problem is how to plan study. Here is my check-list, divided in long term (6 months/year ), medium term (3-4 months) and short -term (daily -weekly )

Long term (how to plan study)..

1. Keep a list of std text book, notes, online resources that you need to refer to

2. Quantify the content – example total of 90 chapters across three key subjects

3. Quantify the number of hours available in the year for self study, attending classes, recreation

This should give you a good view of the level of effort needed  for medium term plan –

  1. Keep a list of the topics that would be covered in classes/tests and stick to only those
  2. Ensure your study plan is such that you revise what is taught in the class each day and read a few pages due in the next class – this prepares your list of doubts that may not have occurred immediately in the class
  3. If the hours available for self study/ revision/practice are not adequate, try to slow your pace and ensure you do NOT rush yourself in simply covering a topic for ticking it off the time table. It always helps to slow down …just like in traffic it is easier to reverse before getting stuck in a jam, if you are the last and slowest

Also remember,what matters most is the little things you do on a day to day basis –

  1. Identify the topics that you find easy to understand and start creating categories of easy, medium, complex – this helps later in last minute revision
  2. Absolutely non-negotiable – ensure you understand the concepts thoroughly.How do you do that? Solve random questions from the past question papers for the topic you are studying – doing this will help you understand …what you know and do  not know.
  3. Have a daily to-do list, based on the topics taught that day and test due in the upcoming days, try to stick to it for 70% ( it is nearly impossible to adhere to it 100% if you are following the above)

All this is possible if you get enough rest ( = 8 hours sleep),  limited distractions ( who  got more marks, better cell phone, etc), good nutrition ( = no sodas, junk food, high sugar juices),  controlled wastage of time ( sports are great, you would rather go out and play than watch it on TV in the same amount of time). Now we have studied how to plan study lets look at video tutorial for class 12.

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