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CBSE board has conducted research and according to that it has prescribed suitable class 9 syllabus for each class. The board provides worthwhile syllabus to students to maintain its objectives to cater to quality education and holistic learning environment to all. Therefore, CBSE syllabus for class 9 is a well-structured syllabus in all respects. Moreover, it is quite beneficial for students in terms of getting adequate knowledge in different subjects. The required subjects along with their topics are systematically included in the syllabus. English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, Science and Sanskrit are included in the syllabus designed for class 9.

Class 9 Syllabus

CBSE board has been maintaining a trustworthy educational structure since its inception. To fulfill its objectives, the board offers updated syllabus for different classes. Several subject experts are associated with this board and they modify each syllabus from time to time. CBSE syllabus for class 9, 2013 is an up-to-date syllabus, which is structured with several important topics and meets students’ requirements in all respects. Additionally, this syllabus gives proper understanding on each topic. Some subjects included in the syllabus are English communicative, English language and literature, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Sanskrit.

Class 9 Syllabus English

CBSE is a prestigious educational board of India and its question pattern and examination structure represent its praiseworthy format in all respects. The board offers well-evaluated syllabus to make students knowledgeable and skilled. CBSE English syllabus for class 9 is a good learning resource, which imparts required information in a detailed manner. The entire syllabus is divided into four sections and each section imparts information on different topics. For instance, section A is related to reading comprehension, section B offers knowledge about writing skills with grammar, section c is all about literature textbooks and long reading text and section D is related to assessment of speaking and listening (ASL).

Class 9 Syllabus Hindi

CBSE board imparts a standard, well-evaluated syllabus for every class. Based on current research, the board introduces each topic in a requisite manner. Hence, students get detailed expertise on different topics. CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 Hindi is a well-structured syllabus and it is designed by including different topics. Thus, this syllabus successfully enhances students’ different skills. Moreover, topics are included in the syllabus according to the standard. The entire syllabus is divided into different sections. Each section has different marks. Moreover, this syllabus provides students required information about Hindi grammar and literature, as well.

Maths Class 9 Syllabus

Class 9 is an important class to get detailed knowledge on different math topics. In this class, all math topics are included in an advanced way, so that students can get to know the detailed expertise about some basic math topics, which we had learnt in our junior classes. CBSE board has done required research and according to that, the board has prescribed a worthwhile Maths syllabus for class 9 CBSE that suits all students appropriately. All topics are incorporated in a sequential manner so that students can learn math thoroughly without losing their interest in that subject. Some topics included in the subject are real numbers, polynomials, linear equations in two variables, coordinate geometry, introduction to Euclid’s geometry, lines and angles and others. Additionally, the board provides study materials that help students a lot.

Class 9 Syllabus Science

Science is a vital academic discipline and the syllabus for this subject is well-structured with some requisite topics of physics, chemistry and biology. To fulfill each student’s educational demands, the board has carefully designed its syllabus aptly. All essential topics are represented in a sequential manner so that students can understand each topic thoroughly and most importantly, they can be familiar with each concept. Some topics included in this CBSE syllabus for class 9 science are matter in our surroundings, is matter around us pure, atoms and molecules, structure of the atom, the fundamental unit of life, tissues, diversity in living organisms and others. Moreover, students get relevant study materials, which are offered by this eminent board to inculcate detailed expertise on each topic.

Class 9 Syllabus Social Science

Social science is one of the vital subjects which is included in the CBSE syllabus in different classes. This subject makes us familiar with our history, culture, economic standard, and different geographical features. This subject is included in the syllabus class-wise. The topics of history, geography and civics are sequentially incorporated in the syllabus of junior classes. Consequently, other subjects like political science, economics, sociology, law, psychology and others come under this discipline in higher level. CBSE syllabus for class 9 Social Science is an ideal syllabus as it maintains all CBSE criteria in a proper order. Essential topics are included in this syllabus in an organized way. Some topics included in this syllabus are the French revolution, socialism in Europe and the Russian revolution, drainage, climate, natural vegetation and wild life, population, people as resource, food security in India and others.

Download Class 9 All Subject NCERT E-Books in English Medium in pdf

Subject Book Name Download Link
Civics Democratic Poloitics
Economics Economics
English Beehive English TextBook
English Moments Supplementary Reader
Geography Contemporary India
History India and the Contemporary World-I
Mathematics Mathematics
Mathematics Exemplar Problems
Science Science
Science Exemplar Problems

Download Class 9 All Subject NCERT E-Books in Hindi Medium in pdf

Subject Book Name Download Link
Civics Loktantrik Rajniti
Economics Arthashastra
Geography Samkalin Bharat
Hindi Kshitij Hindi Text Book
Hindi Sprash
Hindi Kritika
Hindi Sanchayan
History Bharat aur Samkalin Vishwa
Mathematics Ganit
Science Vigyan