Class 9

1.Best Study Tips for Students.

Schedule specific times for studying.  Think of studying as anything you do that is related to schoolwork.  Studying includes doing assigned reading, completing a homework assignment, working on a paper or project, and studying for a test. Studying should be one of your main priorities. If you do not schedule specific times for studying, you will find it difficult to accomplish all that you need to do for school.

2.Best Study Tips for Students.

Study at the same times each day.  Doing this will help you establish a study routine that becomes a regular part of your day.  When your study times come up during the day, you will be mentally prepared to begin studying.

3.Best Study Tips for Students.

Set specific goals for your study times. It is important to be clear about what you want to accomplish during your study times. Setting goals will help you stay focused. Think of the acronym SMART when you set your study goals.  Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant,and within a Time Frame.

4.Best Study Tips for Students.

Consider your mental energy when scheduling study times. You know that you can only do so much physical activity at one time.  The same is true for mental activity such as studying.  Your schoolwork will become careless and sloppy if you try to do too much at one time.  Rather than scheduling one long study time session, break up your study session into several shorter sessions.

5.Best Study Tips for Students.

Begin studying at your scheduled times. There are lots of reasons why you might not start studying when planned.  You may find an assignment too difficult, you may think that is it boring, or there are simply too many other things you would rather do.  Putting off your studying is calledprocrastination.  If you procrastinate, you will lose study time and find it difficult to get done what you have to do.

6.Best Study Tips for Students.

Work on the assignment you find most difficult first.  The assignment you find most difficult will require the most mental energy than will other assignments.  You will have the most mental energy at the beginning of your study session.  This is the time to tackle the assignment you find most difficult.

7.Best Study Tips for Students.

Use your class notes when doing an assignment.  Your assignments will often relate to information that was covered in class.  The information in your class notes will help you complete an assignment correctly.

8.Best Study Tips for Students.

Ask your friends not to call or text you during your scheduled study times. A call or text message from a friend will interrupt the flow of your work.  It is not always easy to get back to where you were.  Also, a call or text may distract you by getting you thinking about something not related to your schoolwork.  This may be painful – you can simply turn off your cell phone.

9.Best Study Tips for Students.

Work with a study group on difficult assignments.  One or more students in your group may understand something you do not.  Working with other students can encourage you and make studying fun.  Limit the study group to three to five members.

10.Best Study Tips for Students.

Review your schoolwork over the weekend.  Weekends should be fun.  But there are 48 hours in a weekend.  Devoting one or two of these hours to reviewing your schoolwork will not interfere with your fun.  By doing some review, you will be ready for the next school week.

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